From July 2012 Pratham InfoTech Foundation in partnership with Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited introduced a 2 year intensive, result-oriented Leadership Development Program for primary grade school teachers and principals. The objective of the program is to foster a student-centric culture and facilitate an environment more congenial to learning at the schools. The program is initiated in 14 schools of Mumbai (Digital Literacy Life Skill schools) covering 32 primary grade school teachers. The project aims to impart ~2500 students from Government aided and low income private schools in Mumbai.

Objectives of Teacher Development Program:
  1. To motivate and empower selected Primary Grade school teachers to impact the learning outcomes of children through a comprehensive & collaborative training module.
  2. To influence peer teachers and other stakeholders to bring about a sustainable change in the environment of the schools that is more conductive to learning.
  3. To bring in together the best practices implemented in the field of quality teaching i.e in Content, Pedagogy, Assessments etc., through collaborations with various reputed NGOs and document it to make it available to primary grade teachers.
  4. To provide feedback and leadership support to Principals / Head Masters in the selected schools to ensure their leadership development and cooperation to the pilot project.
  5. To monitor the impact on the learning outcomes of students through observations, feedback from coordinators and collate, analyse and document the learnings for improving training effectiveness.
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