PIF and WNS have come together again to start 100 new DigiTech centers aiming to benefit 40,000 primary and secondary students from Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Pune, Nasik and Gurgaon across 2 years. These centers will be operating along with the existing 22 cenetrs benefitting 20,000 students.

The program offered at these 100 DigiTech centers will be Pratham InfoTech Foundation’s well established CAL and DLLS program.

Computer Aided Learning (CAL) program aims to provide school going children from 6-9 age group with quality computer aided education. The program focuses on providing the less privileged children with access to IT. Efficient computer instructors called Sancharaks assists the children in enhancing their day-to-day learning and skill.

Digital Literacy and Life Skill (DLLS) program is basically aimed at instilling IT education in secondary and higher secondary school going children from 10-15 age group. The program focuses on teaching basic technological skills that are in demand in today's world. This gives them an understanding of the skills they require to stay technically competent

The process involves careful selection of partner schools, recruitment and training of teachers, community mobilization, curriculum finalization, development of teaching-learning aids and testing. All this said and yet not to forget, Program Monitoring! This is another major aspect of the CAL & DLLS Program, which helps in keeping track of the program on a regular basis, and is done via frequent visits, register maintenance, evaluation, student-teacher-parent meets, etc.