PIF and BPCL will be starting 104 new DigiTech centers across a span of 3 years. This CAL and DLLS Program aims to benefit 40,000 students from Mumbai, Jaipur, Solapur, Uran and Lucknow along with the existing 13,000 students from uran and Lucknow.

The objective of the program is to reach out to all the children from disadvantaged backgrounds, who do not have the opportunities for exposure to IT like other children. The program aims to spread the vast knowledge of IT among these children according to their age.

The Computer Aided Literacy (CAL) program is offered to students from Std. 1 to 4 where they are taught school subjects through educational games and tested according to the competencies covered in the syllabus.

The Digital Literacy as Life Skill (DLLS) program, as the name suggests offeres digital literacy to students from Std. 5 to 7 and also helps in arming the students from Std. 8 to 10 with life skills that have its base in the progressing field of Information Technology.