Prem Yadav

Prem being a co-founder of Pratham Infotech Foundation, he joined Pratham in 1994 and was a part of the core team that laid the foundations on which the organization has been built. Having worked as the Chief accountant for Pratham, in 1998, Prem helped set up 15 computer labs in municipal schools of different wards of Mumbai, with the help of ICICI bank. The initiative called Pratham InfoTech Foundation, which was co-founded by him with his team today reaches 1.75 lacs children from disadvantaged sections of society in 400 schools across 09 states of India.Having been earned a B.A. degree in Sociology from Pune, Prem Yadav did his Master of Resource Mobilization & Management from S. P.Jain Institute of Management, Mumbai. Besides contributing to many educational publications, especially on Computer related learning, he has been the Area Coordinator, CORO (Committee of Resource Organization for Literacy), Treasurer, Suvidha Co-operative, which was set up to operate the Integrated Waste Management Project; and is currently the Director of CAL & IT Training Program and a Trustee at Pratham InfoTech Foundation. Prem Yadav is a recipient of the prestigious Eisenhower Fellowship - USA in 2010 and also TED speaker in World Economic Forum at Perm Region in Russia.

Rekha Mohit

Rekha Mohit joined PIF in 2006 as a data entry person. Studying under a lamp, Rekha managed to complete her graduation. She was earlier with Pratham working with the Balwadi program. She was also honoured with the ’Shilpa Award’ for her dedicated hard work. Working tirelessly and aiming for higher goals, Rekha now heads PIF’s work in Maharashtra and Gujarat with a team of over 400 young enthusiasts at 250+ DigiTech centres reaching out to more than a lakh schools students.

Omprakash Yadav

After completing BSC Agriculture in the year 2001, Omprakash was looking out for a job when he came across Pratham. He worked with various program like Balwadi, Balsakhi and Library and was successful in starting 750 centres. 2008 was the year in which Omprakash joined Pratham InfoTech Foundation where he was with the CAL program in Uttar Pradesh and continues work till date with the same zeal as State Head.

Sikander Lokhande

After having worked in various programs with Pratham, namely Bal Sakhi, Balwadi and ASER, Sikander joined PIF in the year 2006. He worked with PIF’s well know CAL program. His dedicated work and ever positive attitude to this day has lead him to head PIF’s Pune chapter, where he over sees all the school and community based programs.

Dayanand Gore

Dayanand Gore, joined Pratham in the year 1996 and was taken into Pratham’s Balwadi program and also made Team Leader in Alibaug. There he met PIF's Director and was soon part of the PIF family in the year 2008. Here he worked with the Nagar Parishad, MahaNagar Palika and Zilla Parishad schools. He is a strong willed team member always seeking opportunities to do something new. Dayanand Gore now works as PIF's Development Associate and handles all government partnerships.

Pradeep Kumar

Being born in a middle class family, Pradeep Kumar had quite a number of struggles along his journey to becoming what he is today. Overcoming all odds, he managed to do his M.S.W .as well as L.L.B. and works as Pratham InfoTech Foundation’s, Operations Head- Delhi and Haryana. Pradeep’s main goal in life is to help infuse a little innovation in every sector of India through the ever transforming medium of educational technology. He sees PIF as an excellent platform with the help of which he intends to achieve his goal. Pradeep believes that in order to bring about a change in society, one does not need power or a prestigious position. Hard work, motivation and an open mind is all it takes. He is proud of his team and strongly believes that together they will be able to reach great heights.

Jayawant Shirke

Jayawant Shirke, PIF’s Chief Accountant joined the family back in 2005. With a Bachelors of Commerce degree in hand, this young man decided to become an accountant and since then has worked tirelessly to achieve his goal. 8 years of dedicated work at PIF has now made him capable enough to handle all of PIF’s financial matters. His next big plan is to enrol with the ICWAI (Institute of Cost and Accounting Work at India).

Shehzad Khan

Shehzad has been part of the Pratham family since 2005 when he was asked to handle the accounts for ‘Catalytic (Rural) Programme’ at Pratham office. At that time he was in the second year of his graduation. From there he was asked to work with Pratham’s ‘Digital Newspaper Project’ on Cultural Exchange and Educational Programs in Delhi. In 2007 Pratham purchased a Computer Server inorder to centralize all the data. Shehzad was offered a chance to work with this and was also asked to do his MCSE (Microsoft Certified System Engineer) Course, fully sponsored by Pratham from a good institute in Jaipur. Next he was with the Education for Education Program till 2012. In 2013, Shehzad joined PIF and works as Operation head- Rajasthan.

Roopa Billava

Roopa Billava joined Pratham Education Initiative in 2001 where she managed the data generated from the Balwadi and Bal sakhi programs. She completed a Diploma in Secretarial Practice and later spent 3 years with a corporate in the financial sector. She joined back in 2010 and was part of the PIF family. Here she worked as an intern with The India Beehive, a community portal. During this period she also completed a Post Graduate Diploma Course in Journalism. She now works primarily for PIF's Donor Management and Outreach along with many other related projects. Project and data management are her core strengths.

Tabita Fernandes

Tabita Fernandes, although having joined as an intern, has found her way to handling PIF’s Communications today. She says she is in the right place in the organization as she is always found having a lot to communicate. Tabita joined the PIF family back in 2010. Being her 1st job, soon after her Masters in Industrial Psychology, Tabita says she has learnt a lot in the past few years working with PIF and will keep the learning going on. At first she was with The India Beehive, a community portal in line with PIF’s Public Online Media followed by overseeing work with PIF’s Community Information and Training centres and The Digital Community Connectors program. With the urge to polish her skills further and contribute more effectively, Tabita also completed a Post Graduate Diploma Course in Journalism and Mass Communication. At present she takes care of PIF’s Communications. Loving to write, talk and reach out to others, Tabita finds herself happy and on the right track.

Shubhada Sali

Shubhada Sali joined Pratham InfoTech Foundation in 2016. She leads the India Digital Inclusion (IDI) Program as Program Manager. She is responsible for providing strategic services of program management and execution for IDI program. As a part of this role she is also conceptualizing, developing and implementing several technology tools for IDI Program’s key processes in consultation with Program Director and Executive Team. She is also working on initiation of special projects such as Aaple Sarkar Seva Kendra - Common Service Center (enabling access to G2C and B2C services in rural areas) and Warli Art Center (promoting livelihood development through Warli Art for rural youths). Shubhada obtained B.E (Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering - 2013) from K.B.G.T C.O.E Nashik and received M.Tech (Technology and Development – 2016) from Indian Institute of Technology (IITB) Bombay. She has a background in Rural Development and has worked with various stakeholders such as NGO’s, government agencies, academicians and rural & urban beneficiaries on various aspects involving policy studies, research, analysis and implementation in varied sectors covering Electricity, Energy, Agriculture, Health, Water and Education.