Pratham InfoTech Foundation along with Rotary Foundation have joined hands with 22 schools across Mumbai and Navi Mumbai to take the IDI Program to another level. The team moves ahead armed with a determination to expand what has already been established, making ultimate use of available resources and thus empowering many more. The program aims to help youth and adults who seek employment, by providing them with the basic work place skills and confidence they require to be employable. The program is scheduled to function after school hours in the computer lab of the 22 schools, aiming to benefit 2000 youth across 2014-2015. The students participating will be enrolled in the course work on a scholarship basis, thus encouraging our target segment, and that is, the underserved communities.

The inauguration of this well thought Program, was held in Laxmi Vidyalay, Vitawa followed by Yashwant Vidyalay, Digha in Navi Mumbai on August 27, 2014.

Mr. Mahesh Aranke, President, Rotary Foundation, Mr. Prem Kumar, Ex- President, Roratry Foundation, some enthusiastic Rotarians and Mr. Prem Yadav, Director-Pratham InfoTech Foundation along with his team inaugurated the Program in the supportive presence of the School Trustee and Principal of the 2 schools. This was followed by a get-to-gether where the partners shared their experiences working in the field of education. The 1st batch began and students shared their views about IT training and why they chose to be enrolled in the course. The batch in both schools showed a clear majority of determined housewives sitting on their seat, with eyes focused on their computer screens. This was a moment of the joy for all, as the program seemed to have started on a very happy and successful note!!