A digitally literate person possesses skills, knowledge and abilities to function effectively in digital environments. Digital literacy also means having the ability to access, analyze, create and share information appropriately and responsibly. In the 21st century, society and economy are becoming digitally reliant. Digital literacy is fundamental to success in the new global economy and open democratic society. Therefore, we term digital literacy as a life skill. We aim to instill in secondary school students the skills and abilities on how to use IT tools in everyday life. We have designed project-based curriculum on using software applications, the Internet and communication tools in day-to-day activities.

  • Build partnerships with Govt. run/aided/unaided schools to provide digital literacy training to upper-primary school children.
  • Provide curriculum advising and transfer know-how to assist school managements in implementing DLLS curriculum effectively and efficiently.
Digital Literacy as Life Skill
Mission 1000 Brochure