Computer aided learning ( CAL ) is a pedagogy technique that uses information technologies within or side-by-side traditional classroom environments. Computer educational games and interactive training tutorials are some of the best examples for computer-aided learning. These learning aids, which are used as supplementary materials, build a more engaging, informative and personalized learning experience, which simplifies understanding of new or difficult concepts, develops competencies for learning and makes early childhood learning a more enjoyable experience, that indirectly interests children in studying and schooling.Our past experiences over the years suggests that it also helped increasing enrollment and reducing dropout rate at primary school level. More importantly, computer-aided learning gives primary school children appropriate exposure to information technologies at an early age.

  • Build partnerships with Govt. run/aided/unaided schools to provide computer-aided learning to primary school children.
  • Provide curriculum advising and transfer know-how to assist school managements in implementing computer-aided learning effectively and efficiently.