On 1st October 2012 Pratham InfoTech Foundation in partnership with WNS extended the Computer Aided Learning (CAL) program in 8 Government aided and low income schools of Mumbai, Pune and Nasik, Maharashtra. The program will benefit 5,200 primary and secondary school children. The CAL center was inaugurated by Mr. Keshav Murugesh, Director- WNS, Mr. Matt Idle and Mr. Pete Parsons – British Gas (England). The school children welcomed the guest in the traditional way with tikka, welcome song and lezium. Mr. Keshav Murugesh address the children about the importance of technology in today’s world. The program was ended by a patriotic dance by the secondary school children.

Objective of Pratham – Computer Aided Learning Program:
  1. Mobilize the existing school resources, provide advice and transfer know-how to assist school managements in implementing computer-aided learning effectively and efficiently
  2. Ensure that children with economically disadvantaged backgrounds get access to the most up-to-date information technologies, quality instructional resources and technology training services at affordable prices
  3. Streamline revenue generation activities and facilitate capacity building operations to sustain efforts, reinvest in technology upgrades and improve quality of instructions
  4. Promote use of innovative information technologies in learning and teaching
  5. Offer training courses that are specially designed for teachers
  6. Offer low-cost training courses for youths to develop basic and advanced digital literacy skills
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