Online Public Media

Internet and relevant information technologies enable acces to public purpose information on a range of topics including science, technology, healthcare, education, lifestyle, commerce, agriculture, and environment. The problem is most of the public purpose information is in English- which is a preferred language of a few elites in the Indian society. That means a vast majority of population is still alien to the online knowledge that can make a difference in their lives. Further, having been owned and managed mostly by publishers outside India, these knowledge bases do not contain information that is relevant to the needs of local population.

What we do....
  • Design, develop, maintain and promote localized online content in Indian languages.
  • Assist global content development agencies in the localization of best-practiced global information.
  • Build alliance with academic, research and scientific institutions to translate quality instructional contents in Indian languages.
  • Assist local charities, govt. agencies and other small social enterprises in developing and maintaining their online presence.
  • Engage with community stakeholders in the process of online content creation and information dissemination.


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