Utkatsh completes 3 years of success.

The Utkarsh Program has been reaching, teaching, helping, moulding and enriching lives since 3 years and aim to continue doing so in the future. Their 3rd Annual Function was held on the 24th of February, 2014 along with both the partners, Pratham InfoTech Foundation and BPCL as well as with the principals, teachers and not to forget the students who have been part of this Program.

Certificates were distributed to 42 students who have been enrolled in the Utkarsh Vocational Training Scholarship Program.

Principals, students as well as the Utkarsh fellows shared their experience as being part of the Utkarsh Program. There was song and dance to celebrate the day too.

The students of the different schools had put their creative, scientific minds together and came up with an outstanding science exhibition.


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