Utkarsh—Student Enrichment Initiative by PIF-BPCL

In 2011 Pratham InfoTech Foundation – Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited partnered to pilot an educational enrichment initiative called Utkarsh in 10 schools of Mumbai. This year the intervention has been scaled to 15 more schools in Mumbai covering around 525 secondary school students and 28 young teachers in Utkarsh fellowship program.

Utkarsh means enrichment for the students who are at risk of academic failure in the subjects of Math, Science and English. Utkarsh Program aims to provide before & after school-hours teaching, help and guide slow learning students with economically disadvantaged background in daily classroom studies. The program activities focus on how the students can best learn in academic settings and raise achievements in Math, Science and English. We aim to enable the target audience & strengthen the competency centric topics that are a foundation for future studies & better performance. On successful completion of 10th grade studies, 22 Utkarsh students have received PIF- BPCL scholarship to enroll themselves in the vocational courses with one of our partners Swami Vivekanad’s -Tulsi Technical Institute. These vocational courses provide job-focused training in field like engineering and technology group, business and commerce group, catering and food technology group.

The Utkarsh Fellowship program covers 28 fellows who are passionate about PIF mission and possess qualifications to contribute in PIF activities. It provides opportunity to the fellows to strengthen their professional skills and abilities including IT skills, leadership abilities, presentation, public speaking skills, writing skills, issue identification skills etc. Further it has provided an opportunity to fresh teaching school graduates, house wives who are interested in teaching. It has given platform to gain valuable teaching experience, exposure to some of the best teaching practices and the know-how of educational technologies.


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