Technology Infrastructure

Children with economically disadvantaged backgrounds go to schools where they can afford education, be it Govt. run schools or Govt. aided schools or privately managed schools. Often, these schools are poorly funded and lack basic digital technology infrastructure, including multimedia computers, broadband internet, educational tools and trained maintenance staff. Often, school managements that have fairly good information technology infrastructure do not possess the ability and know-how to access the most up-to-date educational technology resources and manage quality technology training services. It is hard for school management to keep up with the technology changes in a continuously advancing technology environment. School managements seek funds, know-how, and trained workforce in order to implement and maintain information technologies for educational and administrative purposes.

Focus of the program
  • Run information technology (IT) centers in low income area schools.
  • Raise funds and mobilize technology resources to equip schools in low income urban areas and rural areas with multimedia computers, broadband internet and trained instructors.
  • Streamline revenue generation activities and facilitate capacity building operations to sustain efforts, reinvest in technology upgrades and improve quality of instructions.
  • Advise school managements on technical staff appointments and curriculum planning for IT training courses for school children.
  • Guide, assist and support teaching and school administrative staff in implementation of various IT programs.
  • Provide technology upgrade, hardware maintenance, software support, and training content (per govt. guidelines) at affordable prices.
  • Use emerging technologies to develop affordable means of instructional delivery.