Content Development

Instructional materials aid the comprehension of subject matter. Advances in information technologies over the past several years have simplified the development and distribution of informative, multimedia-rich and interactive instructional materials. Educational computer games, training simulations and online interactive tutorials present synthetic learning experience. This synthetic learning experience combines text, audio, visuals and animations to teach concepts, facts, and procedures in mathematics, science and languages in a more interactive and engaging manner. Learners can be challenged to solve problems, encouraged to illustrate creative expressions and asked to learn by doing. A more personalized learning experience is possible by incorporating contextual learning aids and tailoring learner-centric responses. Learner’s assessment can be embedded or attached separately. It is easy to design student assessment, which is relevant to local syllabus. We believe using computer games, training simulations and interactive tutorials side-by-side traditional classroom settings, supplement learning and make learning more enjoyable.

Focus of the program
  • Develop affordable, high quality instructional and assessment materials that suit the local needs of learners, teachers, trainers and local curriculum
  • Facilitate the adoption of educational computer games and computer based tutorials as learning aid among students, teachers and parents
  • Design, develop and publish educational computer games in Indian languages