What we do

In Schools
  • Computer Aided Learning : Enrich the process of learning for primary school children through the use of competency based educational computer games. read more
  • Digital Literacy as Life Skill : Training on basic IT skills for upper-primary school age children using a training curriculum that focuses on developing skills and abilities to use IT tools in everyday life.read more
  • Learning Skill Development : Tutoring and training with advanced educational software to strengthen the competencies and cognitive abilities that are foundation for higher education and lifelong learning.read more
  • Teaching Effectiveness : Conduct workshops and training sessions to guide teachers about how to use information technologies in classrooms and school administration.read more

In Communities

  • Public Online Media : Provide locally relevant information based on local community development priorities.read more
  • Outreach & Awareness : Reach out to youth with limited education and skill gap in underserved communities and interest them in IT adoption, IT training and soft skill development.read more
  • Youth Training : Provide affordable training options in IT training, soft skill and workplace leadership that prepare youths with limited education to stay productive and competitive in the market place.read more

Resource Mobilization

  • Educational Technology Infrastructure : Mobilize resources to equip schools in underserved areas with high quality computers, trained IT instructors and educational software.read more
  • Educational Content : Design educational games, instructional supplements and assessment materials that suit the local needs of learners, teachers, trainers and local curriculum.read more
  • School Management Information System: Facilitate adoption of IT in day-to-day operations of school managements and education administrations.read more