The awaited series of Science Fairs!!

map While students around most states of the country were preparing for their final examinations, Pratham InfoTech Foundation (PIF) was busy training some, to be budding scientists!

In line with celebrations for the National Science day, 28th February, 2015, PIF decided to take this opportunity and spread the awareness about science and its wonders among students we work with, across Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Nashik and Pune. This initiative was supported by WNS, one of PIF’s partners.

map Workshops were held to train teachers at first. These included our fellows from the Student Enrichment program as well as Team Leaders and Sancharaks from the CAL and DLLS programs. Thus, PIF entirely was involved in this initiative.

These workshops were conducted by the Pratham Science training team and consisted of a series of experiments that have relevance to daily life and simplistic in nature so that the students who would be later trained would be able to comprehend and enjoy it.

Following the teacher training, Science fairs were held at 80+ schools where students were trained and encouraged in developing their scientific thinking.

The experiments involved themes like gravity, magnetism, light, sound etc.


map Students came back saying they loved the experience. It had given them a different platform, was a boost to their confidence and helped them look at science in a more simplistic way.

These seminars were held at Chembur High School and Gurukul Technical Institute, Mumbai.

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A peak into the India Digital Inclusion Program...

map Students of the 1st and 2nd batch in the IDI program successfully completed their course and were certificated by PIF and Rotary and Intel.

map As the first two batches ended on a happy note, the 3rd and 4th batch were busy getting set to build strong careers. Career counselling workshops were held at various locations and students attended in large numbers.

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map कुछ बातें न तो कही जा सकती है और न लिखी जा सकती है- सिकंदर

जब जिद्द किसी के सर चढ़ कर बोलती है, तो वो जिन्दगी में क्या कुछ नहीं कर सकता है. इस कहानी के किरदार से तो हमको यही सीख मिलती है, की अगर कोई मेहनत करें और मौजूदा हालातों से ऊपर उठने की कोशिश करें तो बेशक सफलता उसके कदम चूम ही लेती है. आइये आज जानतें है ऐसे ही एक शख्स के बारे में, जिसने अपनी जिद्द से बुरी हालातों पर जीत हासिल कर दिखाया...

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