Sachin Patil

Sachin Patil, Advisor for Development and Global Operations, provides strategic counsel on global partnerships, program design and implementation planning forPratham InfoTech Foundation. In this capacity, he leads efforts in fund raising, donor outreach and program marketing. Additionally, he advises on technology implementation, instructional content and program execution for IT based educational and community development programs in India. At present, Sachin is championing community capacity building initiative, called India Digital Inclusion, which focuses on online information, IT training, professional soft skill development and livelihood assistance for youth in underserved communities. He is also advocating another initiativefor learning skill development in order to teach school age students “how to learn” to become lifelong learners.Around late 1998 in his early twenties, Dr. Madhav Chavan at Pratham offered him an opportunity to help Pratham design and develop educational software (Later became well-known as Jigar) for the then launched Computer Aided Learning program. This engagement slowly turned into a passion. Later, at the Federation of American Scientists in Washington DC, he collaborated with universities, research labs, foundations and special interest/policy action groupson educational technology research and policy projects. Sachin is a software technologist by profession and passionate about designing IT based social initiatives that facilitate the socio-economic development of underserved communities.He has earned his Master of Computer Science at the George Washington University, Washington,DC and Bachelor of Electrical Engineering from Pune University, India.

Parasvil Patel

Parasvil Patel is an active member of the Pratham Boston team and led the efforts to run a pilot introducing Scratch to middle school students. He is currently pursuing an MBA from the Harvard Business School and supporting the Scratch project roll out across the PIF network. Prior to business school, he worked with clients across multiple industries across two geographies (India and US) as a consultant with the Boston Consulting Group (BCG). He graduated with a degree in Electrical Engineering from IIT Bombay. He is passionate about technology and enjoys hiking.